Sexual Massage Story

Title: The Arousing Touch

Ellen was an accomplished woman. She had always been successful in her work, driven by her ambition and the thrill of achieving her goals. But lately, she had been feeling the stress of her demanding job. She realized that she needed to unwind and decided to book herself a massage at the luxurious spa downtown.

As she entered the spa, the tranquil ambiance greeted her; the scent of essential oils wafting in the air, the soft music playing in the background, and the warm, welcoming smiles of the staff. She was shown to a private room where she prepared herself for the massage.

As she disrobed, she felt a fluttering excitement, an anticipation for the relaxation that was about to come. The room was dimly lit, the soft glow from the candles creating a romantic atmosphere. The warm, soothing music lulled her into a relaxed state even before the massage began.

The door opened quietly, and a tall, handsome man walked in. His name was Tom. He was the masseur. A ripple of excitement went through Ellen. He had a warm, welcoming smile and a confident aura around him. His eyes were dark and intense, promising a massage that was more than just relaxing.

As Tom began to work on her body, his strong, skilled hands kneading away her tension, Ellen felt herself surrendering to his touch. His touch was firm, yet tender, and each stroke sent waves of pleasure coursing through her body. His hands moved from her shoulders, down her back, and to her legs, working out the knots and leaving a trail of warmth and relaxation in their wake.

Ellen found herself lost in the pleasure, her mind wandering to fantasies she had never dared to explore before. The way Tom was touching her, the intimacy of the setting, the romantic ambiance of the room, it all stirred up feelings she had kept hidden deep inside her.

As Tom’s hands moved to her inner thighs, he looked at her for permission. Ellen gave a small nod, biting her lower lip in anticipation. His touch was electric on her skin, making her gasp. She could feel a heat building up within her, a desire that she had long ignored.

Tom, noticing her reactions, moved his hands back up her body. His fingers traced a path along her sides, making her shudder. He brushed against her breasts, and she let out a soft moan. He looked at her again, asking for permission. This time, Ellen didn’t just nod. She whispered a breathy “yes.”

Tom’s hands began to explore her body with a newfound fervor. His touch was no longer just relaxing; it was arousing. His hands danced over her skin, teasing, tantalizing, driving her wild with desire. He worked his magic on her breasts, his fingers lightly pinching her nipples, making her gasp and arch her back.

Ellen’s mind was a whirl of pleasure. Every stroke, every touch was sending her closer and closer to the edge. She could feel the tension building up within her, a delicious anticipation that made her moan. Tom, sensing her pleasure, continued his sensual assault, his hands now moving lower, exploring her most intimate parts.

The pleasure was too much for Ellen. She felt herself losing control, her body responding to Tom’s touch in ways she had never experienced before. She could feel an orgasm building up within her, a wave of pleasure that threatened to consume her.

And then, it hit her. Her body convulsed, pleasure washing over her in waves. She gasped, her fingers digging into the soft sheets. Tom continued to massage her, his touch now gentle, coaxing her through her orgasm.

As she came down from her high, Ellen felt a sense of satisfaction, a blissful relaxation that she had never experienced before. She turned to look at Tom, her eyes sparkling with gratitude. He gave her a warm smile, his eyes revealing a hint of desire.

The massage ended, but the memory of that sensual experience lingered. Ellen left the spa that day with a newfound understanding of her body, her desires. She had discovered a side of her that she had never known existed.

She knew she would be back. Not just for the relaxation, but for the pleasure she had found in Tom’s skilled hands. The sensual massage had awakened a desire within her, a desire that she intended to explore.

Sexual Massage Story

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